M Teresa Lawrence  is a creative, visionary leader dedicated to helping others reach their full potential. She is an accomplished attorney, publisher, educator and entrepreneur living in western Wyoming.

In her new book GLORIOUSNESS, a story of a young child, searching and ultimately discovering her inner “Trueness.” she inspires and teaches children to embrace and honor their own creativity while seamlessly and joyously teaching them to enjoy playing with words.

On this website I will share my journey in making this dream a reality. I will also be sharing my monthly book pick. There are a lot of great books that await our exploration! If you have resources or ideas to share, they would be immensely appreciated.



It is my dream to bring the principles of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich to k-12 students throughout the world. In my mind that would lead to a generation of leaders that would completely transform the planet for the better for all of us.


I have founded The Trueness Project which is devoted to empowering children to share their inner “Trueness.” The project has a purpose-driven mission to help children own their own stories and know that they are the masters of their destiny.


It is my belief that thoughts have power and that when we put together our powerful thoughts with committed action, we can accomplish anything.

Teresa’s one of my favorite people on the planet, probably because I don’t know anybody else like her. She can laugh good naturedly about somebody’s foibles without ever suggesting she looks down on them, talk about her family with more love than exasperation, and make you wish you could forgive yourself even half as much as she does.

That kindness might explain Teresa’s weird ability to make impossible things happen. She knows what she wants, asks for it, and keeps asking until she gets it, smiling the entire time. I told her I’d be happy to run the music section of CURIO, a magazine she founded in the 1990s, because I assumed it was an obligation I’d never actually have to meet. Next thing I knew she was filling me in on meetings with billionaires like Sumner Redstone and asking me what I had ready for the first issue.

–Tim Quirk

A delightful fusion of deep academics, experiential diversity, and boundless imagination, Teresa is the personification of the Nine Dot Puzzle Challenge. (Look it up ~ it’s fun!)

When I wanted to expand my children’s clothing line some years ago, Teresa did not think small! She took samples to Los Angeles, retro-fitted a piece for herself to wear, and introduced my line to many stores. Then she thought, “I have connections in China!” And proceeded to acquaint me with folks who were involved with an American goods exchange program that was just getting off the ground.

Unexpected opportunities arise when you trust the energy and enthusiasm of Teresa Lawrence. Magic happens when you dare to think outside the box. Results occur when you work together with an individual who does not let up until all the t’s are crossed and all of the dots are united.

–Margaret Jane Conover

As the owner of a healing practice, I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of people worldwide. Teresa’s commitment to her personal and spiritual transformation is palpable and genuine. Working with her was like watching a lotus flower blossoming into a higher form. I respect Teresa and her vision to make genuine and positive contributions to the world.

She has a clear vision, and her creativity allows her to co-manifest new opportunities and open new doors. She is a force of nature, believes in herself, and is driven by the compassionate power of her heart. She inspires everyone with whom she comes in contact and helps others believe in their dreams and passion. We are lucky to have Teresa as a light worker in action!

–Viviane Chauvet